What to Know Before Considering Pregnancy

So you're decided you'd like to become pregnant? Congratulations! Preparing for pregnancy is an important first step. There are many things you can and should be doing before becoming pregnant that can increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

How to Support Your Spouse Through Infertility

Each couple's fertility journey is unique, and trouble conceiving can have lasting impacts on your relationship. So when stress levels are high, and the ebb and flow of complex emotions begins, how can you be there to support your spouse?

Endometriosis Diet Do’s and Dont’s

While there's no single diet you can adopt that will cure an inflammatory disease like endometriosis, researchers have identified foods that may help to control it. When it comes to endometriosis - an estrogen-dependent chronic inflammatory process - the foods you consume can act as a form of medicine.

What is a Postpartum Care Plan: Everything You Need to Know

You've attended all of your appointments, followed your doctor's orders with militant discipline, installed a car seat, and tripe-checked the contents of your hospital bag - you're officially ready for delivery. But how much thought have you put into what comes afterward?

Postpartum Health: How to Care for Yourself After Giving Birth

Postpartum care requires a holistic approach that includes nurturing the physical, mental, and emotional health of not only your newborn but of yourself too. Just as taking care of your baby is a necessity, so is self-care. During the postpartum period - generally characterized as the first six weeks after childbirth, your body and mind will require some additional TLC. Here are some of our top tips for your postpartum recovery.

Can Postpartum Depression Happen After a Miscarriage?

Here's what you need to know about depression after a miscarriage and how to find support when you're grieving.

What are the Warning Signs of Postpartum Depression?

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an occasion marked with many emotions - from joy, adoration, and attachment, to feelings of worry, isolation, and even depression. As many as 8 out of 10 new parents report feeling overwhelmed and sad within the first few weeks after delivery. But what if these feelings persist? Or become debilitating? Or even revisit us several weeks later? It could mean it's time to seek mental health support for postpartum depression.

Everything You Need to Know About Third Trimester

Hooray - you've made it to the third trimester! The end of your pregnancy is closing in and you're so close to finally being able to hold your little one in your arms. The countdown to your due date has probably begun. But don't get too ahead of yourself yet - with the third trimester comes a new set of challenges, both physical and mental. Let's talk about some things you should expect during your third trimester and how to feel your best as you cross that finish line.

Everything You Need to Know About the Second Trimester

The much anticipated and duly deserved second trimester is upon you. Are you ready for your second trimester glow-up? The promises of renewed energy, and reduced nausea, plus the beauty benefits of a pregnancy glow are all real (for most mommies). So why this sudden shift? And what can you do to maximize the middle phase of pregnancy? Let's unpack that here:

Everything You Need to Know About the First Trimester

Early pregnancy can be quite the doozy if you're underprepared for all that is in store. It's during this initial phase of pregnancy that expectant moms feel the most nauseated, isolated, hormonal, and nervous. Educating yourself - and your partner - on what to expect during the first 13 weeks is critical to establishing healthy routines, promoting healthy pregnancy, and understanding what your body needs, when it needs it, and why.

8 Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy Labor

Having a baby is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. While there's no way to predict what will happen once labor begins, there are a few things you can do to help you feel more prepared physically, mentally, and financially.

Should You Take Birthing Classes?

To help you conclude whether or not a birthing class is something you might benefit from, we've rounded up some information on childbirth education courses and how they can help you prepare for delivery day.