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Our Purpose
At Pink Stork, our purpose is to provide hope and support for women as they navigate their journey through motherhood.
Faith as our Foundation

Our Founder and CEO, Amy Suzanne, faced many challenges before becoming a mother. Her strong faith and trust in God led her to start this business, aiming to make a positive difference through kindness and high standards. This faith motivates us to uphold integrity, inspire hope, and make a meaningful difference in the lives we touch and in everything we do.

Empowering Women

We are proud to be a woman-owned and operated enterprise with a workforce of over 80% women. Our skilled professionals are the backbone of our operations, engaging in critical tasks ranging from laboratory research, logistics and order fulfillment, product innovation, financial management, and strategic decision-making. Our commitment to empowering women, within our organization and in the wider community, is fundamental to our ethos and instrumental to our success.

What Sets Us Apart

Founded on faith by Amy Suzanne, Pink Stork was established to assist women to and through motherhood. Her faith propelled her forward, inspiring dedication to support every woman who needs it. Her distinctive approach of "praying over" our products introduces a unique personal touch. This practice embeds sincere prayers for your health and success into every item, embodying our profound dedication to supporting you on your wellness journey in motherhood.


Our products undergo stringent testing in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) established by the FDA, exceeding both federal and our internal standards. We subject our supplements to analysis in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, ensuring compliance with Proposition 65 and validation of our GMP protocols through third-party audits. Our commitment to consumer health and safety is paramount, reflected in our scientifically validated formulations designed to deliver superior quality.