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You Survived Summer ... Now Relax!

Hey there Mama’s!

You made it … summer has ended! Your kids have most likely headed back to school, which means your sanity level is coming back to normal. Or is it? Maybe you are still trying to wind down & balance back out. If so, then this blog is for you! (Even if you don’t have little ones heading back to school, we hope this blog helps you take some mama-time to reset after the summer heat!)

Mama’s you did it … you survived summer break! You survived the heat, the late nights filled with family, friends, cookouts, and bonfires … but most importantly, you survived your kids being home all day & their increase in energy levels. Whether you have kids that are still young & at home all year around or you have kids that are on summer break from school, those levels seem to spike through the roof during the summer months!

With the end of a season, it is always refreshing to take time to reflect, relax, and breathe. There are so many ways you can take time to do this. You can go for a walk, read a book, journal about the parts of summer you never want to forget, pamper yourself with a spa day, go out to coffee with a friend … the list is endless! We all unwind in different ways. And what that way is for you, do it! Take time for you - sit back, reflect, relax, and breathe.

Here are some ways that I like to unwind:

Go for a walk & reflect - getting outdoors to enjoy the last few moments of summer is the perfect way to unwind & reflect on the summer moments you shared with family & friends.

Take a bath - nothing beats filling up the bath tub with bubbles & flakes. I love using our bath flakes, which aren’t just relaxing, but are beneficial for your body. They help with aches, pains, cramps, skin conditions, pregnancy, and more! Give them a try!

Do yoga - just saying the word yoga is relaxing! It brings peace & stillness to your entire being; body, mind, and soul. Go to yoga with some friends or do yoga by yourself in the park; either way you’re taking care of your body & relaxing!

We hope that you take a moment this week to unwind, breathe, be still, and relax. Have an amazing week, mama’s!


Amy Upchurch