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Surprise ... Amy is Pregnant!

Amy is pregnant with baby #5! And we’ve got the scoop on how her pregnancy has been going so far.

How did you find out you were pregnant? Well it all started this summer … I was testing out flavors for the our new product - Fertility Tea. After passing out from exhaustion a few nights in a row (way wayyy wayyyyy) before my normal bedtime and having that metal taste in my mouth I kinda just knew, you know? The next day while shopping at Target, I grabbed a pregnancy test to confirm what I already thought! I’M PREGNANT! Safe to say, our fertility tea worked for me!

How did you tell Thomas? I thought really hard about a cute way to tell Thomas, but when I called him at work, he said I was acting really weird. So, he came home early! I ended up showing him the positive pregnancy test right when he walked in the door! I cannot hide anything from him! He knows me so well. Haha!

How did you tell the kids? Once Thomas knew, we decided to tell the kids. We went in the living room & sat them on the couch. We told them I was pregnant & we were going to add another brother or sister to the family. Of course, America & Victoria want a little sister and John Hamilton & Christian want a little brother! We will see - tiebreaker!

How did everyone react? Beyond excited and very surprised!

What is your due date? Late March, early April... Spring baby!

How far along are you? At the start of my second trimester! Whew!

What products have you been loving? I have been loving the Magnesium Mist, Morning Sickness Tea, Cocolaurin, and PRO for daily use! They’ve really helped with my morning sickness. Oh, the Away Bars too! Those are yummy! I have also been enjoying baths using our flakes - so relaxing & really helps me to unwind at the end of the day.

Any cravings? I have been craving milk … and I don’t normally like milk!

Stay tuned for monthly #bumpdates from Amy on her pregnancy. We will chat about the things she is craving, what products she is loving, and more!