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Fertility Support: 60 Capsules


Total Prenatal + DHA: 60 Capsules


Total Postnatal + DHA: 60 Capsules


Total Lactation: 60 Capsules


Men's Fertility Support: 60 Capsules


Fertility Tea: 30 Cups


Postpartum Mood Gummies: 60 Gummies


Lactation Sweets: 30 Lozenges - Watermelon


Premium Prenatal: 60 Capsules


Liquid Prenatal: 32 Servings


Total Monolaurin: 2.4 oz.


Fertility Sweets: 30 Lozenges - Strawberry Pomegranate


Mist: Magnesium Body Spray 4 oz.


Sleep Tea: 30 Cups


Folate: 60 Capsules


Pregnancy Flakes: 2 lbs


Total Women's Multi: 30 Capsules


Bloat Tea: 30 Cups


Nausea Tea: 30 Cups - Ginger Orange


Morning Sickness Tea: 30 Cups - Ginger Peach


Total Prenatal + DHA: 180 Capsules


Detox Gummies: 44 Gummies


Lactation Tea Strawberry Hibiscus


Amy is officially 4.5 months pregnant! And as you will read below, she is loving this pregnancy!

Did you know that Amy gives behind the scenes exclusives to her life as a wife, mom & business woman? Check out Pink Stork’s Instagram - she posts daily on our insta-story!

What has been the best part of this month?

I love watching my belly grow! I know it sounds cliche, but with my previous pregnancies I was too sick to appreciate my growing bump. So this time around, I am loving it! Although, finding clothes is quite the challenge! (Why did I give away my maternity clothes again??)

What has been the most challenging part of this month?

Besides finding clothes that fit me, sleep has been tough. I require more sleep than the average person the combination of being pregnant, chasing 4 others kids & running Pink Stork .... I am exhausted! Oh and pregnancy brain ... it has kicked in full gear! Let me be honest with you - the other day I went to the store with my slippers on! #PregnancyBrain

What have you been craving?

Ice! All day, everyday. I literally walk around the house with a cup of ice all day!  

Do you have any go-to products?

Every night I wind down with a cup of Labor Prep Tea. It's so good & I know it's preparing my body for labor. Another product I make sure to take every day is Cocolaurin - it is so good for your body!

Amy is on the hunt for the best natural/organic lotion. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below!

Amy UpChurch & The Pink Stork Team


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