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Surviving the Holidays ... While Pregnant!

The holidays are officially in full swing! Can you believe it? It truly feels like the year has flown by.

Being pregnant during the holidays isn’t an easy task! On top of the aches & pains, the swelling & stretching, the growing belly, and the exhaustion … you have to decorate your house, go Christmas shopping, plan/attend family gatherings, continue managing your everyday life … oh, and grow a little one! It is a lot. I get it. I am there with you, mama!

But if there is anything I am learning this year it is this … I can survive AND thrive in the holiday season. How? Well, it isn’t easy. But with these tips, I hope you find it a little easier to enjoy your holidays!

Say no to overwhelming your schedule. Don’t feel the pressure to attend every holiday party or Christmas event. I know, this one is hard. How can you say no during the hustle & bustle of the holiday spirit? But trust me, your body will thank you if you choose to rest & take it easy some days.

Take FULL advantage of the Expectant Mother’s/Family parking spots! You earned that spot - it is like employee of the month parking for mom’s! And you won’t have to carry your shopping bags to the end of the aisle - win!

Two words. Online. Shopping. Enough said! (This is especially great when you are pregnant because you can sit at home with your feet up, enjoy some hot coco, and get all your shopping done … in your pajamas!).

And last, but definitely not least, treat yourself. Remember to take care of your body during the business. If you can’t minimize the events on your calendar, park in the mom spot at Target, or shop online … at the very least, treat yourself. Take a warm bath (psst..our flakes are great!), read a book, enjoy a warm cup of tea (we have plenty of flavors!), put some calming oils in a diffuser (peppermint is great!), getting a mani/pedi … do whatever you need to do to listen to your body when it needs to relax.

I hope that you find yourself thriving this holiday season, not just surviving! Bake some cookies, watch tons of Christmas movies, blast Christmas carols … and enjoy that little one you are growing in your belly. After all, next Christmas you will have a lot more shopping to do (oh, the toys!).


Amy Upchurch