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Why Do Some Products Affect My Cycle?

You may have noticed that we have a certain disclaimer on some of our products:

“Advisory: This product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle. Please consult your healthcare professional before use.”

This advisory isn’t meant to scare you: We’re just letting you know that your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle could be affected by the natural ingredients within the product -- the same ones that help it do what it’s supposed to do!

Specifically, our Birth Control Cleanse Supplement and our Fertility Tea contain Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) to support your natural hormones. Chaste Tree Berry helps stimulate progesterone, thereby supporting the balance of estrogen and progesterone in your body. This balance then supports your natural fertility and relief from the uncomfy symptoms of PMS. Chaste Tree Berry can also support your prolactin levels, which helps relieve breast pain and regulate your cycle.

Naturally, when your hormones change, your cycle is also affected. Think of it like this: Your hormones are back-stage managing the show that is your cycle. If they’re in balance, you’re going to go out and have the performance of your life. You’re going to glow, and everything’s going to be timed just right. If your managers are out of sync, you’re going to crash and burn, baby. Your timing’s going to be off and you’re not going to feel like the star you are. Having the right balance can mean the difference between you having a blooper-worthy meltdown or feeling like a million bucks.

And, just because of the nature of the ingredients within the products, even if your cycle is already regular, you may see a change while taking these products. These products are not meant to interrupt your cycle, but it’s possible to see some changes just because of the powerful, natural ingredients we use. As each woman is unique, we do recommend speaking with your doctor to ensure that these products are a good fit for you.