Fertility Tea: 30 Cups

Key herbs to support your natural fertility. Chaste Tree Berry helps support healthy hormone levels and reproductive health, while Red Raspberry Leaf helps prepare the uterus. Due to the nature of this product, you may see changes in your cycle.

Flavor: Sweet

Natural fertility aid: Supports your natural fertility, conception, hormones, and cycle. Please be mindful as this product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle; consult with your physician before use.

100% organic: Our whole-leaf tea is 100% organic. We use biodegradable pyramid sachets. Each sachet makes 2 cups, 30 cups total. The tea pouch is stamped with the manufacturing and expiration date. Our teas expire two years from the date of manufacture.

Female-herbalist formulated: This tea is formulated by our certified herbalists with herbs that have been used for centuries to support natural fertility.

All the essentials: 100% organic herbs, including Peppermint, Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex), Red Raspberry Leaf, and Lady’s Mantle, to support fertility. Caffeine-free.

Women-owned + run: Our founder and CEO is a woman, and over 80% of our employees are women. We are on a mission to provide women with hope and positively impact everyone that comes in contact with Pink Stork.

Try it and love it or send it back. We'll take care of it, no questions asked.

This product supports a woman’s natural reproductive cycle. Please be mindful that this product may affect your ovulation and/or menstrual cycle.

Organic Peppermint (leaf), Organic Chaste Tree Berries (fruit),Organic Red Raspberry (leaf), Organic Stinging Nettle (leaf), Organic Passionflower (leaf) , Organic Lady’s Mantle (leaf),(Organic Stevia in sweet mint tea )

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Attention: As with all dietary supplements and herbs, please consult with your physician before use if you are breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Is The Product Right For You

Encourages natural conception
✓ Supports ovulation + menstrual cycles
✓ Aids in hormone health

Product FAQs

Is this product gluten free?

Yes, our Fertility Tea is gluten free!

Is this product vegan friendly?

Yes, our Fertility Tea is vegan friendly!

Is this product pregnancy and nursing friendly?

We do not recommend consuming our Fertility Tea while pregnant or nursing.

When should I stop taking this product?

We recommend consuming our Fertility Tea up until you get a positive pregnancy test. At that point it has done its job and it is no longer necessary to continue to enjoy that tea. We always recommend reaching out to your care provider to confirm what makes the most sense for your specific health!

When do you recommend consuming the tea?

We recommend drinking our Fertility Tea (1-3 cups daily) throughout your entire cycle, until a positive pregnancy test occurs. However, some women begin drinking our Fertility Tea on the first day of their cycle and continue until ovulation occurs, or until a positive pregnancy test occurs. This varies from woman-to-woman based on specific needs and daily routines!

What are the sachets made of?

Sachets are made out of Polylactic Acid (PLA), 100% plant-based and derived from corn. They can be discarded with your food waste or put into your home compost. They do not contain nylon, polypropylene, or epichlorohydrin. Our tea tags are made using natural inks.

Are the tea pouches BPA free?

Yes, they are BPA free.

How do you make the tea?

There are a few different ways you can brew our Tea sachets! First, you can brew the full 16 ounces at once, consuming the full amount or placing the remaining liquid in the refrigerator to drink cold or reheat when you are ready. Second, you can brew 8 ounces and leave the sachet in the cup to use the same day. You can also squeeze out the remaining liquid and store the sachet in an airtight container if you would like to wait a day or so. Lastly, you can brew a pitcher of tea using 2 sachets and 32 ounces of water. You can then place the tea in the refrigerator to reheat when ready or enjoy cold.

What flavor is this product?

Our Fertility Tea is a Sweet Mint flavor. We also offer an unsweetened option which is Mint flavored.

Does this product contain hormones?

No, our products do not contain any hormones.

Can men take the Fertility Tea?

We do not recommend men use our Pink Stork Fertility Tea as it is designed to help with women’s cycles and hormones. We do offer a Blue Stork Fertility Tea designed for men!

How much Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) is in each sachet?

Each sachet of Fertility Tea contains about 0.3 grams of Chaste Tree Berry.

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