Pink Stork has been in business since 2015, and over that time, from working alone in my apartment to operating a global business with many employees, I’ve really come to understand how a company culture can evolve and its importance to a company’s overall health and success. Every company has a different approach and vibe to its culture. But for me, company culture isn’t the shiny perks or the bells and whistles. It’s not about the football games, beach parties, sports leagues, or how many snacks are in the kitchen (though, those are all nice bonuses, too). 

Company culture is about the feeling people get when they walk into our building and interact with each other.

At Pink Stork, we’re creating a culture of love.

Love isn’t just a feeling. It’s a verb -- an action that we need to choose each and every day. In practice, love looks like putting others above yourself, leading by example, and doing the right thing, even in the small things. It means holding yourself and others to the highest standards, calling each other out, and showing grace and understanding when mistakes are inevitably made.

Why “love?”

When we’re compassionate, empathetic, and unified, we’re stronger. And the stronger we are, the more able we are to help each other -- and our customers. If we aren’t showing love to each other, there’s no way we’ll be able to help others in the way we need to. And if we’re not doing that, we’re not fulfilling our purpose as a company. 

As a Christian, love is foundational to my faith -- and our mission at Pink Stork. For me, the two are inextricably interwoven. Faith helped me survive my own health struggles, and I felt called by God to help other women through theirs. Pink Stork’s mission is to bring hope to women and to glorify God. And the only way to truly do that is through love.

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