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Period Survival Tips

Your period – your best friend or your worst nightmare? When it comes to that time of the month, it’s often uncomfortable, unexpected, and just plain annoying. That’s why we’ve come up with some ways to help get you through that monthly rough patch.

A great way to ease those body aches is by taking a bath. Light some candles, play your favorite songs, and relax! The warm water will help relax muscle tension and cramping. During your period, you’re likely to experience lower back pain, stomach cramping, and overall fatigue. Add some Pink Stork Flakes into your tub, and let your body unwind. You deserve it!

There’s no shame in some PMS snacking. As soon as my period starts, all I want is sweets. Dark chocolate is a common go-to with some serious benefits: It contains Magnesium, a mineral that has been found to help alleviate PMS symptoms, like bloating, fatigue, and irritability. Plus, Pink Storks PMS Sweets are a quick on-the-go fix. The Sweet Peppermint flavor helps curb sugar cravings – but did you know peppermint has other benefits, too? It helps relieve cramps and bloating, and even supports natural energy levels. We’ve added B6 to support your digestion, too.

Give yourself a little extra love during your next cycle, and treat yourself to whatever makes your period easier!