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Pink Stork Hero: Meet Lara!

Lara is a mama + creative entrepreneur. She and her husband Steven opened their retail business, Declaration & Co, in 2010, shortly after moving to the Sunshine State from Ohio. Their business includes two brick and mortar locations with most of the products sold designed by Lara herself!

Lara and Steven have been married for eight years and are lucky to have two sweet babies! Their daughter Milena is 3.5 and their son Adler is seven months old.
Adler, Lara’s “brave eagle,” was born two months early and spent 42 days in the NICU. It was a very sudden delivery and not what she was expecting at all, but the entire experience taught Lara so much about the strength from herself, her boy and her family. Adler is growing and learning so much every day, that you would never know he was a preemie!

During Lara’s second pregnancy she suffered from morning sickness and found our Morning Sickness Tea to be very helpful… all the teas are now fixtures in her cabinet! Even though Lara is not pregnant or nursing now, her go-to favorites are the Calm Tea for stress relief and the Ginger Peach Tea for nausea or upset stomach.

“I love that Pink Stork is a local, woman-owned business. It’s wonderful and inspiring to watch other mamas follow their passion while also caring for their family!”
– Lara, Pink Stork Mom