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Bringing Home the Baby

Welcoming a new baby soon? Don’t let the stress of baby planning get to you. Here’s a list of things to do to prep your body and mind for your new bundle of joy.

Mentally, when it comes to bringing home your baby, it is important that you cherish the moments you have right now. When you look at your family, it’s important to see that the way things are won’t be the same once the baby comes. Whether this is your first or second baby (or even your fifth!) do your best to capture the times that surround you!

Physically your body is about to make one of the biggest changes it has in the past nine months. We want you to not only be ready, but feel ready. Try doing some light yoga to help train your body to lengthen pelvic muscles and soften tissue. Yoga poses such as child’s pose, deep squat sit, cat pose, and cow pose are all recommended to help your body adjust. Doing this will help your body and mind relax. We also recommend taking our Labor Prep tea, this will help prepare your body with nutrients it needs for delivery. Our tea uses herbs that are designed to help before and after delivery. This all-natural tea contains herbs such as Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Chamomile, and many others.

Take a deep breath, soak in the time you have, take a nap, and get ready to welcome your new baby!