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Spring Into Change

When we talk about spring cleaning it usually relates to scrubbing your floors and organizing your home. But what about mental spring cleaning? With all that goes into a busy spring day it can be hard to catch a break. We’ve come up with a few tips for spring cleaning on the inside.

Give Yourself Grace
It’s important to embrace the changes happening in your life and give yourself grace especially as the seasons change. You may be wondering, “how do I give myself grace?”. Really this means don’t be so hard on yourself! Take time to acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake, but see it more as an opportunity to grow.

Get Rid Of The Negative
So often we cling to the negative things we hear. As a mom, woman, and business owner I can tell you that there is no shortage of opinions on how I should live my life. It’s important to learn what you should hold onto in these moments and what you should let go of. If you hold on to everything everyone says than you won’t ever be the best version of yourself.

Allow Yourself To Rest
Physical spring cleaning is important. Finding the time to organize and declutter is a great way to prepare you for whatever this season of life may bring. Once you are done, allow yourself to rest. You cannot be the best mom, best wife, best boss, best daughter, or friend if you are not the best version of yourself. So allow yourself to take a break and treat yourself in between tasks! Just did a weeks worth of laundry? Enjoy a cup of Calm Tea and a good book. Cleaned your whole bathroom? Lock the door, pour some Flakes, and let the magnesium absorb into your skin so that way you can finally relax.

Whatever your spring cleaning tricks are, remember that you and your needs come first. So give yourself a little grace and get ready for this next season of life to be just as great as the last!