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Self-Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

Self-care. We’ve all heard of it before. Bath bombs, yoga, meditating, face masks, body scrub, acai bowls… what else? 

It seems as self-care is more of a trend these days since we see it all over social media but does self-care is all about pampering ourselves? Self-care is not being selfish, it’s being self-aware. As a mom, as a business owner, worker, young adult or whatever stage you are in life, YOU NEED some time by yourself to unwind, relax, and ENJOY! As the new year has just started, it’s time to prioritize YOUR well-being. 

There are several different ways in which you can treat yourself into caring for yourself whether it’s mentally, emotionally or spiritually, and it’s not only as social media portrays it. 

  • Looking after your body helps care for your brain. 
  • Looking after your thoughts helps care for your sanity.  
  • Looking after your beliefs help care for your faith. 

So...what does this look like?


Start by taking some time each day and appreciate what you have. We all need some activity to promote inner peace and calmness, which allow us to take our worries away and make us unwind from stress. 

Some ways we love to unwind are spending time in nature, taking a walk on the beach, or relaxing after a long day with a cup of our Calm Tea. Being outside and disconnected brings peace to your mind. All you need is about 15 minutes a day to be grateful, meditate or do some yoga. 

By performing these stress-relieving practices you are quieting your mind, you are helping to balance your hormones and help lower cortisol, which is a stress hormone, or just taking a warm bath with some of our Pregnancy Flakes that may help increase your magnesium levels when you are feeling low. 


Breathe your way to positiveness! Instead of thinking negatively, try to shift your mindset into looking at what you can do in order to help your negative self-talk. The famous mantra of “breathe better, feel better” is actually legit. Smooth, relaxed breathing can help calm your nervous system which works as a powerful tool to keep your mind focused on the present. This technique also clears your mind of the past and of your worries. Just take a moment to feel what it’s like to breathe and live in the present moment. 


Use your body to take care of yourself. What you put in your body affects your mood, feelings, emotions, energy levels… believe it or not. Try to nourish your body with balanced meals as often as you can. Sip on some tea: herbal and caffeine-free is the best to calm our system and make us feel relaxed and have a better mood. Remember to also move! Being active throughout the day has a positive effect on our body and mind. Stretch, sit straight up -  if you want to feel up, look up!

What are you doing today that helps take care of yourself and make yourself more aware?