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Best Products for Immune and Gut Health

Pink Stork offers natural and effective products to support your body’s overall wellness and well-being. If you’re having a hard time finding immune-supporting products in your local stores, check out these two products that are highly recommended by our product development team: Gut Health and Pro.

What is Gut Health, and how do I take it?

  1. Gut Health contains Monolaurin pellets, which are derived from coconut oil. Monolaurin is made up of lauric acid and glycerin, which support your body’s natural immune support system. Monolaurin supports a healthy balance of good bacteria, which directly correlates to your immune health. 
  2. Take Gut Health up to three times daily with meals. Our Monolaurin pellets are easy to swallow and can also be consumed by children. 

What is Pro, and how do I take it?

  1. Pro contains 5 Billion CFUs per capsule and 10 Billion per daily dosage. This product provides you with good bacteria!
  2. Take Pro twice daily to feel relief from problems such as digestive tract discomfort.

Taking Gut Health and Pro together can help support your immune system, which will reduce your chances of getting sick.