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Spending Time Alone with God

In a time that isolates us all in vast, unexpected ways, there is a rare and beautiful opportunity to give yourself time alone to be with God. Being alone can be challenging, exhausting, and even painful at times, especially when you are working toward being a woman of faith in a world that provides immense distractions. If you are struggling to find time to be with Him, do not lose hope. You are not alone.

Everyone has their own way of interacting with God, but being alone with Him can be one of the most rewarding. When you take yourself outside of the superficial, worldly demands of everyday life, there are precious moments where you can find God in simple, vulnerable spaces.

When it comes to finding your time to be alone with God, simplicity is key in most situations. You do not need the perfect place to worship, but rather a quiet, personal place where you can focus, listen, and receive His word. This may be your backyard in the early morning, lying in bed late at night, or somewhere only you know about that holds meaning.

Bringing your Bible and reading scripture can help you connect with His presence, whether it’s an old verse that you know well or something new that you haven’t studied yet. Praying about your everyday life, even the smallest, seemingly insignificant things, will allow Him to sit in your space and understand what matters to you. Although He knows all, speaking to God about what troubles you, excites you, or worries you on everyday terms is an essential way to show Him that you are willing to be vulnerable and open in His presence. If you trust in His willingness to listen to you, even about the little things, it will open up a door toward sharing with Him the ugly, difficult, and gritty challenges that life brings your way.