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Dressing your Baby Bump for the Summer Heat

Being pregnant with the hot summer days coming up doesn’t make getting dressed an easy ordeal. If you are close to your due date during these summer months, we know how uncomfortable some clothes can be. Amy Upchurch, Pink Stork’s Founder/CEO, is known for her love of funky (but functional) style! She is here to break down some of her favorite summer fashion tips:

SKIRT AS A SHIRT? Okay, this is genius. If you have a skirt you wore before you were pregnant, but the baby bump has put a stop to that, try the skirt as a tube top! Amy says if it doesn’t fit around your chest, tie a cute little hair tie, to make it fit right!

SHOP BIG. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to shop maternity! In our recent Amazon Live video with Amy, she’s wearing a cute black dress that she bought when she was pregnant. It was not from the maternity section, but instead a few sizes bigger than you would usually get. The best part about this is that you can continue to wear it afterward.

Button. Ups. These are not only airy, but they can also be worn over whatever, making you feel more comfortable. You don’t have to hide those clothes you wore before your pregnancy!

Stretch. Stretch. Anything you find that is stretchy material is worth it. This can are also be an addition to your closet for after pregnancy as well. They are comfy while pregnant and good to wear when nursing due to their stretch.

Flowy Dresses? Even women who are not pregnant can agree that flowy dresses are incredibly comfortable to wear. Amy swears you will think you are in pajamas all day.

Long skirt, stretchy waistband. Again, very comfy, airy, and they can be worn above your baby bump! Amy suggests it because she would wear it above her baby bump and the length was still long enough that you weren’t exposing too much.

Blazers. These are just like the button-ups. You can throw them over anything, and they can dress you up a little more. Amy suggests a striped blazer with bright colors/florals. She knows the patterns don’t go together, but they act as a distraction mechanism. People are too busy looking at the patterns they don’t know what else to look at!