When visitors come to Pink Stork HQ, they often comment on one thing: how young our team is! Many of our employees come to us directly from Flager College (and some of them are still in school). Why do I hire young people, many of whom haven’t had much experience in the professional world?

Just like any other company, when we first review candidates, we look at their resumes. But I don’t really care if they’re an Excel master or know how to write social copy. For me, it’s the soft skills that are often the greatest indicators of whether they’ll be a good fit for our team. Are they good communicators? How do they handle conflict? Will they add to the culture of our office?  I can only get a good feel for what I’m looking for by having a one-on-one conversation. 

I value when candidates are teachable and have a can-do attitude. They should have big dreams for themselves; I believe that when people don’t put a limit on their personal potential, they also won’t limit the potential of our company to help many more women. We’re a growing company and every day looks a little different, so we need candidates who are flexible, adaptable, and can be comfortable during some very uncomfortable moments.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at my team: My Director of Operations was formerly a chef. My Director of Amazon Accounts moved into her role from managing logistics in our warehouse. And my Director of Customer Obsession initially came onto our team as a graphic design intern. These are vital members of my team who have helped me grow my company from my apartment to the multimillion-dollar business it is today. Yet, another company might not think they’re “qualified” for these roles. 

For me, what really sets these people apart is something that can’t be taught: passion.

Successful candidates must have a deep commitment to our mission to bring hope to other women. Many of them have a meaningful personal story that makes them want to support our customers on their wellness journeys. I think candidates can learn the skills they need to perform most any job. They can learn Excel or how Amazon works. But passion is something that they have to bring to the table themselves. I can’t make another person feel inspired by what we’re doing (no matter how excited I am about it)! Ultimately, at the end of the day, we’re only successful if our customers are happy, and I need to know I have people on my team that will always make them the first priority.

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