One of the most important things you need whether you’re pregnant or not is water. The adult body is almost 55% water, so your body clearly needs it to keep going. When you’re pregnant it’s twice as important to stay hydrated!

Water helps bring your baby all the good stuff you’re putting into your body. Whether you’re eating a healthy breakfast or taking your prenatal, you’re using water to get the most essential nutrients to your baby. Water helps your cells absorb what baby needs and transports those nutrients to the fetus through your placenta.

Staying hydrated also helps reduce things like muscle aches or tightness especially in your legs, constipation, and helps reduce the likelihood of contracting a UTI. Which let’s be honest can be some of the most annoying parts of pregnancy. Keeping your body regular is important and helps keep your baby regular too!

You may be wondering why are we talking about water so much? Water was a big part of why we decided to design teas for mothers in any stage of life! The base of tea is water so you’re able to stay hydrated and get the comfort you’re looking for. Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing our teas are here to help. Water is tea’s best friend and luckily we have a lot of tea to go around!

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