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Together, Always

Mine and Thomas’s personalities are really different. I’m very go with the flow and he’s a bit more structured. In general, we are almost complete opposites which I think is true for many couples.  I mean hey opposites attract! We try our best to keep a separation between our home life and work, but some days we just end up chatting about a new product we have or our next business trip when we go to bed at night. We set a time and know when to place a boundary of “okay we’re done with work for the day”, and just knowing when to stop.

In all honesty, I enjoy being around Thomas and I think he could say the same thing about me! I just know that whether we need to have an easy or hard conversation I can go to him and we can work through it. We learned so many communication skills especially when Thomas was in the Marines.  There were times where we only had a few minutes to tell each other the important things, say I love you, and that was it. And that meant there were also times where didn’t talk for a few days and that just made us grow closer and be able to communicate effectively.

All we had was communication for a while, we weren’t able to smooth things over with sex or a hug or a card. We had to be able to say what we needed to and make it matter. Which is so important especially when you’re building a business and raising a family together. To be able to have someone that I can trust and just know I can lay everything on the line for is so important.

I trust Thomas with all I have and it makes working with him that much more enjoyable.