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Pink Stork Hero: Meet Kristin!

Kristin is a St Augustine native and started her motherhood journey a year ago with her daughter Luna. After Luna was born Kristin struggled with the idea of going back to work and what she would do with her daughter if she did. That’s when she decided to open her own children’s resale store Carousel Kids Boutique, with her friend Christina, so they could bring their daughters along.

That’s when Kristin found out Luna is going to be a big sister! This pregnancy is far worse than her first— during her first trimester Kristin would be nauseated from morning to night, and she felt like she had no energy. Luckily, Amy came in looking for a play kitchen for her children, that’s when Kristin started to love Pink Stork! The next day Amy came back and delivered a box of products that would completely change Kristin’s feelings toward this pregnancy.

“I love using Pink Stork Flakes in my evening baths and a few sprays of the Magnesium Mist at the bottom of my feet before bed had me go from sleepless nights to a full night's rest in one day. I wish I had the Heartburn Tea for my first pregnancy and Total Monolaurin during my first trimester. Cory, Luna, and I will be welcoming Nova, our son to the tribe this June. I want to thank Pink Stork for helping our pregnancy go smoother!”

– Kristin, Pink Stork Mom