What are Postpartum Sitz Flakes? 

Postpartum Sitz Flakes are formulated with 100% Dead Sea Salt and Magnesium. It is made with none of the bad stuff- no parabens, artificial ingredients, & petroleum. All you have to do is add ½ cup to warm water and soak in it for 15-20 minutes to feel muscle, body + mental relaxation. We offer a Lavender scent, or if smells are not your thing we also offer a non-scented Sitz Flakes.

What exactly is Magnesium and why do you need it?

Magnesium is crucial for your body, it is used by every organ in your body & is responsible for 700-800 enzyme systems. Magnesium also supports chemical reactions in your body, helps detoxify the fertility muggers through your liver, and is responsible for converting the food you eat into cellular energy. These are just a few of the benefits Magnesium has!

Benefits of Postpartum Sitz Flakes + Postpartum 

Postpartum Sitz Flakes supports the relaxation, cleansing, and recovery of your perineum (instant relief if you suffer from hemorrhoids). This happens by an increase in blood flow to the perineal area, which reduces swelling and inflammation and promotes healing. Sitz Flakes will relieve the pain of a tear or episiotomy to promote healthy healing for you. If you are recovering from stitches, you know the itch is a real-life issue. Using Sitz Flakes will help relieve the constant need to itch. Sitz Flakes add relief from postpartum aches and pains and support overall muscle relaxation. 

Postpartum Sitz Flakes are formulated with only trusted quality ingredients to help promote efficient and timely healing for your body. We are on a mission to provide women with hope. Your body is amazing,  sometimes you just need a hot bath with Postpartum Sitz Flakes to soak all of the goodness in. 

What is more relaxing than a nice hot bath at the end of a long day? A nice hot bath with Postpartum Sitz Flakes! Postpartum Sitz Flakes are made with Magnesium and are a great way to get your daily dose of Magnesium to support healing and cleansing during the postpartum season.  

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