Why Use Pregnancy Flakes?

Pregnancy Flakes is one of Amy Suzanne’s go-tos! It is such an easy fix for just about any alignment you may be experiencing. Headaches? Yep. Nausea? Yes. Body aches? Yes again! Pregnancy Flakes will support your body’s relief from pregnancy-related discomforts, such as aches & pains, restlessness, and morning sickness. 

Pregnancy Flakes are formulated with 100% Dead Sea Salt Magnesium. Magnesium really is the key ingredient in Pregnancy Flakes that elevate this product to the next level. Every cell in your body contains Magnesium and your body needs it to function properly. Magnesium plays a critical role in your brain function, mood, and heart health. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels properly. One great benefit of Magnesium is its anti-inflammatory benefits. This is why Pregnancy Flakes are a great way to soak up as much Magnesium into the skin as you can. 

What are Pregnancy Flakes + How do I use them?

Our Pregnancy Flakes were formulated with the concept that women need to absorb as much Magnesium to feel overall better when pregnant, and what better way to do so than a hot bath. There is none of the bad stuff ever in our products- no parabens, artificial ingredients, or petroleum. We believe in only using trusted quality ingredients, like 100% Dead Sea Salt. Use ½ cup of flakes in a bath or add to a bowl for a foot soak for 20+ minutes.

How to use Pregnancy Flakes while pregnant

Soaking your body in Pregnancy Flakes for 20+minutes will relieve you from morning sickness, stress relief, and will aid in relaxation. It will definitely help you unwind from your hectic day and allow you to take physical and mental rest. If you are feeling nauseous this is a great way to alleviate that feeling of being queasy. If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, by the end of your soak you will be ready to embrace more of a peaceful mindset thanks to your body absorbing Magnesium. 

Mom Tip: You can also have your child who needs to chill out and unwind from his/her day have a hot bath with these flakes too! Your child will re-emerge calmer.

We want to see women strive and thrive during every season. We are for women, by women, believing in women. Amy Suzanne has had 5 pregnancies and knows what will make the season of pregnancy a little easier to get through. Pregnancy Flakes were formulated to help women feel better and breathe a little easier. 

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