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Keeping your Spirits Merry and Bright

The Christmas train is full speed ahead! Somehow every person has planned their office party, after school bake sale, toy drive, and winter concert all on the same night. And yep, you guessed it— you’ve been invited to all of them! Before you start replying to all of those with a big no, take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered in the relax and unwind department. Check out our three-step solution to surviving Christmas time!


Step One: Calm

Like we said, don’t freak out. Take that deep breath and start to prioritize. We can’t all be in two places at once, though we wish we could. Take all the invites you’ve received this year and list them in order of which are most important. Settle on the ones you know you need to attend. Then brew some Calm Tea and start to get ready. Let’s face it, a stressed Mom isn’t a fun Mom. With its chamomile and lavender, Calm Tea can help you relax and get ready to take on your list.


Step Two: Uplift

By midweek you may be feeling drained. The constant running around can be overwhelming at times. And saying no to some of your invites can have you feeling bummed about missing an awesome event. To brighten your spirits and get you ready for all the events you said yes to, try a nice mug of Uplift Tea. With its lemon verbena, red raspberry, and lavender the scent alone it will help to put a  smile on your face. Plus with its bright yellow packaging, it’ll remind you of a little bit of sunshine in your cup!


Step Three: Flakes

With a lot of events come two things we can all agree make us ache: heels and walking— ugh! Not to mention the aches of walking while pregnant or carrying your little one around all night. That’s why after a long week of celebrating we recommend soaking in some of our Pink Stork Flakes! Whether it’s your whole body or just your feet, soaking in our flakes, harvested from the Dead Sea, could give you and your body that relief you’ve been searching for.


Whichever way you choose to unwind just remember to think pink, and let us help you this Christmas season!