When it comes to shopping, I’d like to think I’m pretty savvy about getting more than one use out of what I buy. Luckily, our Pink Stork products have many uses so that way you’re getting the most out of your purchase. Mist, teas, and flakes can all be used in more ways than one.


Our mist is packed full of magnesium and is a quick fix when on the go. It’s great for when you’re experiencing the discomforts of pregnancy but can also be used in your daily makeup routine! I’m no beauty guru, but after I put on my makeup I use Mist as a setting spray. The magnesium helps my makeup stay in place even on the busiest of days. As an added bonus I then use it again after washing my face before bed. Magnesium is great for making your skin silky smooth and helps prevent wrinkles. To make it more of a night time solution you can add lavender oil for a calming scent!


           Every tea we sell is filled to the brim with amazing herbs. All of them together not only taste great but smell lovely! One of my favorite parts of opening a new tea tin is the scent that comes with it. By combining beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter with your favorite tea herbs you can make a lotion bar! I recommend using our Lactation Tea, either smooth vanilla or herbal mint, for a simple scent that can work for any time of year! Find the full instructions here.


           Being a busy mom, finding time to unwind and relax my body can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to taking a bath, it’s like kids have a sixth sense that tells them when I’m about to go in the bathroom and that’s when they need me the most! I love the relaxation that comes from using our flakes, I feel like any muscle aches or pains are just washed away when I use them. To skip the bath but still get that warm soak feeling, I’ve found it’s easier to make a sock hot pack! Just fill a sock with Flakes, pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and apply to wherever your hurting. It’s especially great for helping soothe a tummy ache or cramps!


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