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Hurry Up, Amy!

I hear those words often. No matter how much time I give myself - could be 2 hours or 2 minutes - I still end up running out the door. I’m sure you all can relate! But this time? We’re going to meet the president for a family photo op; my husband just got a call and they told us that plans were changing and we need to get there ASAP (I should have known, plans are always changing in the military.)

I hurry up, get the kids dressed (no time for a shower now), throw something on myself, grab my shoes, and run to the car. We make the 45-minute drive to the military base my husband works on.

I’m telling you, most days it’s like one small miracle after another for me! The weather is perfect today- nice and sunny with a slight breeze, it’s so peaceful and private up in these mountains… and the greenery is unreal!

I think it’s so remarkable that our president is taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet with families at our military base. I think it really helps the morale of our military families. It helps kids see and understand that this is their dad’s “boss.” When he tells dad that it’s time to go here, or do this, our kids can make a personal connection now - and that helps a lot! Plus, the spouses feel appreciated from his efforts and can better support their partner.

A strong family at home, means that our military can be strong for our country – the support you feel in one part of your life extends to all others. The more support you HAVE, the more support you can GIVE to others: your children, your partner, your company, your country… so on, and so forth. If you support me, I can support you, but also offer that support to others.

In motherhood – that support essential! So many of us are searching for support we need, even though we may not know exactly what we need, and where we need it to come from. So, I want to ask you to take some time and look within: what do you need, momma? What support are you lacking to be the best momma you can be? And this goes out to pregnant moms, and those who yearn to be moms – where are you lacking support, and how can I help? How can WE help as a community?

I really want to hear, and please let me know – because I want to do all I can to make sure my community of moms is supported! And I want to ask you guys to do the same thing. If you see a mom struggling in some way, anyway, and you can help – do it! She might just need a note of encouragement, a little (gentle) advice, or maybe help loading the groceries into the trunk while she wrangles her cranky toddlers. Never forget – we are ALL in this together!


Amy Upchurch