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Bonding with Hair Braids

Braiding your daughter’s hair is something that most moms probably dream about when you find out you’re pregnant! It’s so much more than just giving her a pretty hair style, or even just doing something to keep her hair out of her face – it’s such a bonding opportunity that both you and your daughter will remember for years to come.

I remember when they were babies, and just waiting for the day their hair would be long enough to play with – and it honestly became something that I look forward to, and love to do every day (well… most days!). It’s a few minutes where, in her world, it’s just me and her – braiding and talking – and setting the stage for the day. Telling stories, talking about our plans for the day… and maybe, on a good day, I can even sneak in a lesson or two!

I really hope this is a special time that my girls cherish as much as I do, and something they pass on to their daughters in the future. What are your traditions with your kids that you hope they pass on to their future children? I’m always looking to add more!


Amy Upchurch