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Holiday Travel, Postpartum Recovery, + Nursing

The holidays (and the traveling that often comes with it) were stressful enough when it was just you, but now you have a whole new person to care for! 

Take a breath, mom. You’ve got this.

If you’re newly postpartum, take your time. Some bodies take longer to recover after giving birth. You’re also going to take longer to recover if you’ve had a C-section. Let your loved ones know what you're comfortable with (maybe, they can come to you this year)! And check with your doctor to be sure it’s a good idea to travel if you had a particularly difficult delivery.

If you do travel, make sure you have what you need to feel comfortable, like wearing loose-fitting clothing. Also, traveling can be risky in the first six to eight weeks postpartum because of the potential for blood clots, so be sure to stay hydrated, stretch, and walk if flying or driving.

If you’re breastfeeding, any sort of stress or change in routine can affect your milk output. Be sure to practice relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, and eat healthily to avoid fatigue. (Our nursing products can help support your supply.) Luckily, breastfeeding can actually help your baby while traveling, such as protecting against certain infections and traveler’s diarrhea!