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Fertility Support Tips

If you want a baby but have been struggling to conceive, you’re not alone. One in six couples experience fertility issues, and many women come to the PS community because they’ve been trying to conceive for some time. Many fertility issues can be traced to problems with ovulation and hormonal imbalances. So, how can you support your natural fertility?

Taking a prenatal is a great way to help support your chances of conception. Though you aren’t pregnant yet, prenatals are full of the vitamins and minerals to prepare your body to be a happy and healthy home for a baby.

Another common option is to time conception with ovulation. Ovulation is normally a four- to five-day window when you are your most fertile, making it the perfect time to try to conceive. You can find ovulation tests at your local convenience store, so you know exactly when the time is right. Or try a cycle tracking app, like Natural Cycles.

While trying to conceive, stick to your regular exercise regime instead of trying to increase it. It’s best to take it easy, for now. Taking it “easy” may seem a bit challenging, but that’s why we recommend a nice cup of our Fertility Tea. This tea will help support your body's natural fertility and help you unwind. A win-win! Did we mention it's caffeine-free? Perfect for helping prepare your body for a baby. 

P.S. Try our full fertility line to find the product that works best for you!