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Working it Out

As a busy mom finding time for a workout can somedays be impossible. Between chasing the kids or going to the office that alone can be my only source of exercise. There are a few things I do daily though that really keep me in shape and feeling good.

In home workouts

I try my best to do everything I can at home. I have a few free weights, like a kettlebell and I’ll try and do a few swings and squats with them each morning. And of course, if you don’t have free weights you can substitute it with any weighted item. A water jug or even your little one can be a quick fix to adding some weight to those squats.

Tummy time

Letting your baby have tummy time each day is so important! I’m not going to lie, as a Mom I enjoy it too. Being able to do a quick ab work out while Gloria crawls around is a blessing! If anything it shows how as moms we totally crush it when it comes to multitasking!

Family time

Make it a family affair! Get everyone involved in your nightly run so that way you won’t feel like you’re missing out on family time. As a family, we’ll go on bike rides or after dinner walks just so we can get out of the house. It’s always fun to race the kids up the hill by our house and easy way to get a workout in!

-xoxo Amy