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Why Probiotics for Women Work and How to Pick the Best One

What are Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms (read: bacteria) that can be found in fermented foods, like kimchi, kombucha, and yogurt. Studies show that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system can be directly linked to your overall health, including your immune system, mental health, mood, skin conditions, and more. Given the gut’s connection to so many bodily functions, it makes sense that the gut is also a space of healing for much of the body, including all kinds of ailments.

Here are just a few top benefits of probiotics.

Mental health

Studies have shown that probiotics can improve mood and support mental health. At Pink Stork, we aim to support women holistically. That’s why we prioritize creating products that use ingredients that promote overall health benefits.

Vaginal health

Vaginal flora can be thrown off by a number of different factors, including antibiotics, spermicide, or birth control pills. Probiotics keep the vaginal area somewhat acidic, making it difficult for harmful bacteria to survive, which can prevent certain bacterial infections, like urinary tract infections or bacterial vaginosis.

Weight management

Probiotics prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the intestines, so the fat is excreted rather than stored in the body. Probiotics also help you stay fuller longer, burn more calories, and store less fat.

Immune support

Maintaining your immune health is more important than ever. Probiotics have been shown to strengthen immunity by rejuvenating the good bacteria in your body, making it more capable of producing essential vitamins and enzymes.


Probiotics have also been shown to help skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.

Obviously, you need a probiotic in your daily regimen! Our Women’s Health Probiotic helps support the good gut bacteria you need to build immunity, prevent infection, and support overall wellness.

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