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What a Good Prenatal Should Have

Choosing the Right One

Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the best ways to promote a healthy birth. Receiving prenatal care will improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. It is important to know certain ingredients when choosing the right prenatal supplement.

The Prenatal Has Folate 

Folate is a form of Vitamin B9. Total Prenatal uses real Folate which is the most natural and superior form to ensure the best quality for you and your baby. Folate helps the body make healthy red blood cells. Folate helps your baby’s brain, skull, and spinal cord develop properly to avoid development problems such as spina bifida. Even women who aren’t planning to have a baby should increase their folate intake (if they are of childbearing age) because about half of all pregnancies are unplanned.

Folate taken before conception and during the first few weeks of pregnancy can prevent seven out of ten cases of neural tube defects. 

The Prenatal Has Iron 

Taking iron helps your body produce more blood. That’s a big deal because your total blood volume will double over the course of your pregnancy! Your body uses iron to make extra blood for you and your baby during pregnancy. Iron also helps move oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body- including your baby’s.

Approximately 50 percent of pregnant women do not consume the recommended daily allowance of this crucial mineral. In this case, there is not a sufficient amount of iron in your blood, your tissues and organs will not be receiving as much oxygen as they should be receiving which is not healthy for you or your growing baby. Approximately half of your iron intake will go toward the developing fetus and placenta. The other half will be used to increase the amount of blood in your circulatory system,  which will help protect you during childbirth.

Having healthy Iron levels will also keep you away from a condition called Amenia. Amenia is when there are low levels of iron in your blood resulting in a  complete depletion of energy levels along with other complications. 

The Prenatal Has Iodine 

Iodine is an essential micro-nutrient needed to make thyroid hormones, which are important for metabolism, as well as proper brain and bone development during pregnancy and infancy. Pregnant and lactating women need more Iodine than the average adult because of their increased thyroid-hormone production, renal losses, and baby’s Iodine requirements. Having appropriate levels of iodine during pregnancy will help promote healthy neural formation and function for your growing baby, improved thyroid function, and overall healthier pregnancy. Iodine deficiency can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, stunted physical growth, severe mental disability, and deafness.

About half the prenatal multivitamin supplements on the market in the U.S. do not contain iodine which is why Amy Suzanne made sure to  include Iodine in our Total Prenatal + DHA capsules.

Comes from a Trusted Source 

Our products are manufactured in the USA since 2015 with domestically and globally sourced ingredients. They are all Non-GMO, Dye-free, no artificial flavors, gluten, wheat, dairy, and soy-free to ensure maximum benefit with consumption. Our products are all third-party tested as well. It is important to know what exactly you are putting in your body during any season of life, especially pregnancy.  

Formulated by Women 

Amy Suzanne formulates all of the products we offer. She understands and comprehends the needs of women during pregnancy since she has 5 children of her own.  

Total Prenatal Bottle.

Taking Total Prenatal + DHA Supplement is highly encouraged if you are pregnant, or considering being pregnant. Our Total Prenatal + DHA is specially formulated to meet the increased demand for micro-nutrients during pregnancy. Total Prenatal is formulated for before, during, and after pregnancy.   It will support the development of the baby’s brain + spinal cord and the mom’s overall wellness before, during, and after pregnancy. There is also peace for your mind knowing what you are putting in your body is not only healthy but clean and organic for you and your growing baby.