Why Take a Postnatal Vitamin?

It is essential during postpartum to maintain optimal nutrient intake to feel your best and have the energy to take care of yourself and your new baby. It is recommended that Postnatal Supplements be taken right after delivery and continue usage throughout breastfeeding (if that is what you choose to do) or six months. 

There are key ingredients a good Postnatal Supplement should have. 

It Includes Iron 

After birth, you continue to lose blood (Iron) via lochia (the normal postpartum bleeding that most experience for about a month after delivery). Blood loss during delivery can further deplete blood levels which can exacerbate already existing amenia. Postpartum iron deficiency and anemia are extremely common and can have downstream effects on things like thyroid function and risk for postpartum depression. Having a Postnatal Supplement with Iron in it will boost up your Iron after delivery in 6 to 8 weeks. In infants, iron supports brain development. Data from the CDC suggest that most infants have enough iron stores for the first 4 months of life, but breastfed babies are often lacking after that. Once they begin solids, however, babies can meet their nutritional needs with iron-rich foods. 

It Includes DHA 

DHA is an essential fatty acid, meaning we can't make it ourselves. Research shows that infants have enhanced motor, cognitive and visual development if their mom consumes DHA. So really, DHA is  imperative for baby’s brain and cognitive development. Taking a Postnatal Supplement with DHA will enhance your mental focus, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of postpartum depression for you as well. 

It Includes Vitamin C 

After giving birth, your body needs to do some serious healing. Vitamin C will help support this, no matter if baby arrived vaginally or via c-section. Vitamin C contributes to producing breast milk as well if  you decide to nurse your baby. Some women experience hair loss during the postpartum stage due to hormonal changes. Having a Postnatal Supplement with Vitamin C in it will help aid the loss of hair and help the change in your hormones not be so drastic. 

Comes From a Trusted Source 

When caring for your body and baby, you want to have confidence in the product you are using. Pink  Stork was founded in 2015 and only uses quality ingredients. All of our products have no artificial flavors, no GMO’s and no dyes. Our Total Postnatal Supplement + DHA provides new moms with essential vitamins such as Iron, DHA, and Vitamin C, to help recovery and overall wellness after childbirth.  

Formulated by Women

Our Total Postanal Supplement + DHA is formulated with nothing but the best to help mom and baby’s immunity, brain health, and mom’s energy and mood.  

We care for you and want to see you succeed during this season of life. Having a Postnatal Supplement you can depend on is why we are here. 

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