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Treats Even Mom Will Love

Once autumn hits we are always seeking a moment to snuggle up with a yummy treat and a cozy blanket. With those post-Halloween blues, the sugar withdrawals are real. Being an organic company we’re always trying to find goodies that are good for you and that you can feel confident letting your kids have seconds of. Here are some easy treats we would happily have more than one of!


No Candy Candy Corn

This cute as can be sweet is super easy and equally delicious. The fruit has natural sugars that are just as good in moderation like any other candy. Layer pineapple, oranges, and a bit of whipped cream to make your own candy corn cup!


Turkey Feathers

Post-Halloween, finding pumpkins that can’t be carved is easy. Make some adorable turkey feathers by creating fruit kabobs and sticking them in the top of the pumpkin! This is a fun way to get the kids involved, too. Let them make the skewers while you put them in the pumpkin. Add googly eyes and a pear to make the face!


Mini Tarts

Some brie and cranberry mini-tarts make for the perfect snack for everyone. It’s a good way to get your little ones to try something new and your friends and family will love them too. Because of the size, they’re great as one-bite snacks to grab as you go!


Blood Orange Morning Sickness Sweets

For a busy Mama or Mama to be, having a quick and easy solution to nausea is something we’re all looking for. Our morning sickness sweets are perfect for that quick solution that tastes great. Even your children will be asking to try them and because of the vitamin B6 you’ll feel confident saying yes! Whether it’s a little too much Halloween candy or a little extra turkey, we’ve got you covered.