By your second or third kid, you most likely have the baby balancing act somewhat understood. What happens, though, when your babies are no longer babies? You need to find the time to do activities each kid enjoys. Here are our tips for making the most out of the time you spend with your kids.

Do what THEY want to do!

As parents, we sometimes will say we spend time together when really we ran to the grocery store or got ready in the morning. When it comes to spending time together with our kids, we have to make it obvious that’s what we’re doing. For instance, Victoria loves to paint nails, America likes to color, and the boys adore outside activities. So when we spend time together, whether individually or as a group we pick something fun and do it together.


One-on-one time, aka the best time!

Make it a one-on-one thing! The littlest parts of your day become even more special when you make it a key point to do it with your little one. Take a minute to ask each child how they slept, what they want for breakfast, or even just spend a few extra minutes helping them get ready. Make bedtime special too! Read one story to each child and let them pick out the book. They’ll love the quality time and you’ll love giving them that independence.


And of course, tell them you love them!

We say I love you daily: in the morning, when we hang up the phone, when we leave, and before bed. It’s a quick and simple way to let your babies know you love them. Make it special though! Don’t just say I love you by saying just that. Tell them you’re proud of them, that they did something so well, that they shined so bright after they accomplished a task they struggled with. Hugs and kisses, of course, are implied with all of these. Little ones say I love you as often as they can, you’re their biggest role model for them! Show them you appreciate them just as much as they do you!

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