When it comes to a prenatal you want the best possible ingredients for you and your baby. That’s why we’re breaking down the difference between our prenatal vitamins!

Our Premium Prenatal is exactly what the name says, premium. This vitamin packed prenatal contains top of the line ingredients that are designed to help both mom and baby throughout pregnancy. This little pill contains nutrients from organic whole food sources, which aren’t produced in a lab like other prenatal ingredients. This vegetarian capsule is perfect for the on the go woman who is looking for a great multi-vitamin for her needs.

So, what’s the difference between Total Prenatal and Premium Prenatal? The DHA! Our Total Prenatal contains DHA, which helps with the development of the fetal brain, eyes, and nervous system. Some of the other key ingredients in Total are Zinc and Folate, making this prenatal the “total” package.

The other prenatal we have is for those mom’s who can’t swallow a pill, but know they need a prenatal. That’s why we came up with our Foundation or Liquid Prenatal! When your nauseous taking a pill can be a challenge.With it’s whole food organic ingredients, Liquid Prenatal is ideal for moms who are dealing with morning sickness!

Whatever you need, for whatever your needs may be, we’ve got the prenatal vitamin for you!

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