We are in Walmart!! In May of this year Pink Stork launched in Walmart stores across the country with a full line of teas for every stage of motherhood. These teas come in a smaller, on-the-go, resealable package with the same great taste you know and love! You will be able to find PMS, Fertility, Morning Sickness Ginger Orange, 3rd & 4th trimester, and Lactation Smooth Vanilla tea. We are so excited to be in Walmart, and these are a few reasons why.


Similar to other retailers, Walmart has stores across the United States, but what makes Walmart great is how MANY stores they have. 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. That means it is easier than ever for you to get the Pink Stork products you love! With their rapid pick up and delivery services it is even easier and quicker for everyone to get the products they need. Amazon prides themselves on two day shipping, but with Walmart’s pick up and delivery you can get those same products in a fourth of the time.


Walmart is working hard to stay competitive with giants such as Amazon and Whole Foods. They have also increased their lines of natural and organic products, while providing them at an affordable price. As Pink Stork continues its goal to empower and provide women with affordable all natural products, Walmart was an easy next step. We never want price to be a hindrance for women’s health and we are proud and excited to be in more locations for you!

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