Spring is the season of hope and new beginnings! The idea of new beginnings and a fresh start can apply to all areas of life, including your body. During the winter months, it is easy for our bodies to go into hibernation. Being cooped up inside makes it easy to slack off on your wellness routine, which can cause our immune systems to be compromised. Spring is the perfect time to refresh our bodies with a full body cleanse or detox. Check out some of our favorite products to support your body’s natural detoxification system.

Detox Tea

Our Detox Tea is the perfect product to jumpstart your spring cleanse! It includes all of the essential herbs and nutrients to support detoxification. Green Tea supports your metabolism, while the Dandelion and Burdock support digestion and healthy gut bacteria. This tea tastes amazing and will help give your body an extra energy!

Gut Health

Three scoops of Gut Health a day keep the bad bacteria away! Formulated with monolaurin and super-concentrated coconut oil, our Gut Health is designed to support your immune system, healthy bacteria, and yeast reduction. This product is the best natural defense against bad bacteria and indigestion. 

Women’s Health Probiotic

Welcome the “friendly” bacteria! Our Women’s Health Probiotic is filled with 5 billion CFU’s, and five different strains of good bacteria. It’s designed to support female digestion, gut health, immune system, vaginal health, and whole-body wellness. By creating more good bacteria in your body, probiotics can detoxify your system and help you absorb nutrients more efficiently. 

Total Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 

We have all heard of the infamous apple cider vinegar detox but we have a remedy that won’t damage your teeth, hurt your throat, or upset your stomach. Our Total Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies not only support gut and weight loss, and contain eight different health and wellness ingredients including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and other natural fruit juices.  

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