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Should Women Use a Liquid Vitamin?

Benefits of Taking a Liquid Vitamin

Liquid Vitamins have a faster absorption rate compared to other forms of vitamins because they do not need to be broken down like a capsule or gummy. Consuming supplements in a liquid form is easier for your body to digest. Liquid vitamins make it easier for your body to absorb the medicinal properties the vitamin contains, allowing for the benefits to be felt at a faster rate.  

If you find yourself in a season where taking pills and capsules is challenging, liquid vitamins will definitely be a game-changer as they are much easier to take. Our Liquid Prenatal is perfect for the times pregnancy leaves your stomach a bit more unsettled but you still want to ensure mom and baby are receiving essential vitamins. 

Liquid Folate: When You Need It and Why You Need It

Liquid Folate

Folate is a crucial component during fetal development. Folate supports cell growth, baby’s brain and spinal development, and is essential from preconception through nursing. We understand how important folate is which is why we offer it in a liquid form. Our Liquid Folate is formulated with no gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar/sweeteners, soy, and GMO’s. Additionally, our Liquid Folate includes Vitamin C and Vitamin B9 and comes in lemon raspberry flavor. Most importantly our Liquid Folate is made with real folate, not folic acid. Just 1ml will ensure you and your baby are receiving the proper nutrients needed to thrive. Folate helps support skin, blood vessel, cartilage, teeth, and bone health. It is recommended by the CDC that women who are trying to conceive start taking a folate supplement at least one month prior to conception and should be taken throughout postpartum and nursing. 

Liquid Prenatal: How it Differs from Our Other Prenatal + Why You Should Pick It

Liquid Prenatal

Our Liquid Prenatal is a comprehensive prenatal vitamin complete with 100% of daily values essential for pregnancy and beyond. Being a liquid prenatal, it is easier for your body to absorb and more bioavailable compared to capsules. This is a major plus to liquid vitamins since they support baby’s cell, bone, spine, and neural tube development. We make sure all the essentials are included in this product-folate (from organic spinach), iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and zinc. One tablespoon per day is all you need, and you can even mix it with your favorite beverage. No more pills getting stuck in your throat and getting sick because you can still taste the pill’s aftertaste. This is a highly effective way of supplying your body and your baby’s with organic and clean nutrients. 

With so many challenging choices women have to face every day, we want to make sure choosing a vitamin isn’t one of them. Liquid Folate and Liquid Prenatal both provide peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to help you and your family flourish.