Some Pink Stork products are just a match made in heaven! Whether you are looking to wind up or wind down, we have figured out which of our products work best together to give you the result that you are looking for. Today we are sharing some of our favorite product pairings that will prepare you for whatever life throws at you!

When you need some energy...

Energy Tea gives me the perfect amount of natural caffeine to support my energy and to give me focus. Pairing it in the morning with my Total Iron helps reduce any fatigue throughout the day and helps me concentrate, which is essential for running a business and raising five kids all at the same time!

When you’re feeling under the weather...

More than ever it is a priority for me to support my immune system to avoid getting sick! Our caffeine free Wellness tea is designed to support your immune system and make you feel better with medicinal properties for cough, congestion, and throat health. I also take my Total Women’s Multivitamin daily because it is filled with all of the important vitamins that I need to support my overall health.

When you’re on a fitness kick…

It is not easy to get back into a fitness routine but our slim tea has all the right ingredients to give your body the kick start it needs. The green tea will support your energy and act as a stimulant to support fat while the turmeric reduces inflammation and helps your exercise performance. Pair it with our delicious Total Apple Cider Vinegar gummies to support a healthy gut and metabolism and you will be back to your fitness routine in no time!

When it is that time of the month…

There is nothing worse than menstrual cramps ruining your whole day! Our Total PMS is designed to help relieve any symptoms you face during your menstrual cycle such as cramping, bloating, or nausea. Pair it with our Bloat tea to help relieve any additional discomfort or indigestion.

When you are ready to catch some Zzz’s…

I like to finish my day by shutting my brain off and relaxing with our Sleep tea. My new favorite product to pair it with is our Melatonin gummies which supports restful sleep by helping manage hormones and restlessness to support calmness and relaxation in the body. I am able to wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me!

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