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Holiday Stress + Pregnancy

The festive decorations are up, the table’s set, the family’s all together. It’s feeling like the most wonderful time of the year … until the uncle you only see once a year wants to tell you all the things you’re doing wrong with your pregnancy.

If only you could drink …

The holidays are stressful, especially if you’re pregnant! You might be feeling anxious, tired, and annoyed and might be dealing with:

  • Comments on your body, which can be really triggering, especially for people who have struggled with body image.
  • Your doctor being less available, meaning you might have to move around your schedule or may be worrying who’s going to deliver your baby.
  • Everyone giving you presents ... for your baby (but what about you?).
  • Trying to hide your baby bump if it’s your first trimester and you haven’t announced.

You’re not alone. Feeling stressed during the holidays while pregnant is completely natural. But too much stress can be bad for you and your baby. Here are some ways to support your most enjoyable holiday season.

Bring something enjoyable but non-alcoholic, like a sparkling water, cider, or grape juice, or a fun mocktail to enjoy at parties. That way, you won’t feel left out when everyone’s clinking glasses. You might be tempted to drink (especially if your aunt is telling you you’ve got to name your child after her late dog.) 

Eat smaller portions, spread out over time. Overeating can leave you feeling uncomfortable and may lead to gas and constipation. If you do overeat, our Constipation Tea and Heartburn Tea can help manage those uncomfortable symptoms. 

If you need to shop, online shop or have a friend or loved one do shopping for you. You deserve some time to stay at home in your pjs and watch a good rom-com.

Get plenty of rest. Drink a calming cup of Sleep Tea before bed or enjoy a warm bath with our Pregnancy Flakes. A sleep ritual, such as journaling and avoiding your phone screen, can help you if you’re having trouble falling asleep. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a pregnant woman during the holidays but know you’re not alone. Take care of yourself first during this time; your growing baby will thank you.