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Amy on Working With Fear

At my worst, I could barely speak.

I didn’t have the strength to pick up a phone.

The doctors had given me 24 hours to turn things around.

Why me?

Though it was so difficult and isolating, I felt at peace.

I knew that there was a purpose behind the pain.

I knew that I wouldn’t have gone through these health struggles if it wasn’t going to be life-changing. For me and so many other people.

I’d set the intention.

My mind was open to God’s plan. 

If I survived this, whatever He wanted from me, I was willing to do it.

Slowly, I started to feel better. Through natural products and diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to chase my kids around the yard, rather than laying in a hospital bed.

And there was my a-ha moment: I was meant to help other women overcome their own health struggles and feel supported while doing so.

Pink Stork didn’t start small. It started from a big, life-changing moment: one that could have meant my own life.

And that’s why I’ve never put a cap on where my business could go or how many people it could help.

Fear stops a lot of people. They limit their potential. They start to believe in the risks more than the possibilities. 

People ask, “What’s the worst that can happen if I go for it?” And they get deterred by the answers.

My own experience has shown me how precarious life can be and how precious the time we have is.

I’ve never thought of Pink Stork as a small business. 

I’ve never put a cap on our potential to help women.

I’ve already seen the impossible happen, and that’s helped me to think big.

Over time, I’ve become very comfortable in fear.

I’ve exercised being able to move through it, make good decisions, and keep the BIG picture in mind.

So the question is: If you didn’t have fear in front of you, what would you be doing? 

And I’ll challenge you further: Think bigger than you’ve allowed yourself to think.