Have you ever thought, “I am a baby-making goddess,” or “My body is a fertile oasis?” It might be time! Affirmations are positive words or phrases that you repeat to yourself daily, either aloud, in your head, or by writing them down. Affirmations are a form of mindfulness, and they can help you relieve stress and anxiety, as well as improve your sleep, all of which contributes to your overall health -- and, in turn, your fertility! Plus, just like physical exercise preps your body, doing the daily mental exercise of affirmations can help prep your mind, disabling self-sabotaging, negative thoughts and helping you build mental resilience.

To create an affirmation, first, decide what you want to focus on. What are some concerns or worries that you’d like to address and overcome? Perhaps, you’re worried about conceiving, whether you’ll be a good mother, or how pregnancy will change your body. Whatever it may be, start with an active, present statement:

  • I am …
  • My body is …
  • My partner and I are …
  • My baby is …
  • I know … 
  • My mind is …

Believe in your affirmation! As you say it or write it each day, feel what it would feel like in your body and mind for that affirmation to be true; let your mind and body rest in that sense of peace, joy, and confidence. Not feeling it right away? Keep it up; as they say, sometimes you need to fake it ‘til you make it, and overtime, the good thoughts will become habits. The most important thing about affirmations is committing to doing them every day. 

Repeat your affirmation five, ten, or more times per day. Some people like to do theirs in the morning as a positive start to their day, while others prefer to do it at night before bed to promote restful sleep. You may also choose to repeat your affirmation when a particular negative thought arises.

Here are some affirmations to try:

  • I am ready to receive the gift of a child.
  • I have everything I need to be a good mother.
  • My partner and I will be good parents.
  • I know how to take care of my body and mind to support new life.
  • My body is open to new life.
  • I am worthy of motherhood.
  • My womb is open to receive a baby.
  • I feel safe, supported, and loved during this fertility journey.
  • My body has everything it needs to conceive.
  • I love myself through this fertility journey.

Remember, trying to conceive can be a joyful but stressful experience. Be compassionate -- towards yourself and your partner. 

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