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Fertility Support: 60 Capsules


Total Prenatal + DHA: 60 Capsules


Total Postnatal + DHA: 60 Capsules


Total Lactation: 60 Capsules


Men's Fertility Support: 60 Capsules


Fertility Tea: 30 Cups


Postpartum Mood Gummies: 60 Gummies


Lactation Sweets: 30 Lozenges - Watermelon


Premium Prenatal: 60 Capsules


Liquid Prenatal: 32 Servings


Total Monolaurin: 2.4 oz.


Fertility Sweets: 30 Lozenges - Strawberry Pomegranate


Mist: Magnesium Body Spray 4 oz.


Sleep Tea: 30 Cups


Folate: 60 Capsules


Pregnancy Flakes: 2 lbs


Total Women's Multi: 30 Capsules


Bloat Tea: 30 Cups


Nausea Tea: 30 Cups - Ginger Orange


Morning Sickness Tea: 30 Cups - Ginger Peach


Total Prenatal + DHA: 180 Capsules


What if we told you we could make your pregnancy easier? What if we told you we could provide you with all the nutrients you and your baby both need? What if we told you that the answer lies in one bottle with just a few sprays twice a day? Our response is simple to all of these questions-Pink Stork’s Nourishment spray, a whole-food prenatal vitamin in spray form. With just six sprays in your mouth twice a day, we are proud to be making products that provide our mamas-to- be with easy solutions to making prenatal nutrition uncomplicated and fun.

Taking a prenatal vitamin while your baby grows is an essential part of your daily routine when pregnant. Prenatal vitamins provide the proper nutrients your baby needs to grow into a super healthy and strong little one. While a lot of these essential vitamins are obtained through our diet, Pink Stork Nourishment spray supplements any lack in our diets and supplies us and our growing babies with essentials like B-vitamins, folate, and iron. We love that our spray is packed with folic acid that helps develop your baby’s spinal cord and brain and prevents neural tube defects. We’ve also included ingredients like iron to assist in the development of the placenta and vitamin A for functional eye development.

So, you may still be reading this knowing how important all of these nutrients are, but why in a spray? It’s a convenient, no hassle method to ingesting vitamins. By spraying the mist into your mouth, our vitamins are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and sent to your baby. Our spray also makes it easy for anyone has difficulty or is tired of swallowing some of those giant prenatal vitamins that make you dread taking them. Nourishment spray is portable, easy to use, and a perfect supplement to add to your prenatal health routine. Our goal is for you to enjoy this journey as a mom-to- be and make pregnancy as hassle free, as possible! Spray away!

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This blog was written in collaboration with Laura Vorozilchak, PharmD. She is a certified Pharmacist who has a passion for writing. Her insights to this product are not only helpful, but reliable. Thank you Laura!

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