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When you just want sleep

A satisfying night’s rest can lead to a successful day in the morning. That is all great, but what do you do when you are pregnant and having a satisfying night’s rest seems like a thing of the past. Not only are you growing a human inside of you and sacrificing your emotional and physical state, but now you are  having to give up sleep too? 

You are not alone! Most women experience a heightened need to sleep during their first trimester, but  during the third that feeling quickly vanishes with some women experiencing insomnia. There are so many reasons to why women are not able to sleep during pregnancy. Muscle aches, back pain, sciatic  nerve pain, shortness of breath, vivid dreams, night sweats and the feeling of constantly needing to use  the restroom. It is like the universe is preparing women for when their baby arrives and sleep totally becomes a thing of the past. Let's look into some pregnancy sleeping tips.


If you are able to, moderate exercise, like a walk before bedtime or a session of  stretching, can relax your muscles and ease your mood making the process of sleep happen more organically. 

Pregnancy Flakes

Magnesium Bath Flakes

The feeling of taking a hot bath along with our Pregnancy Flakes will improve the quality of your sleep while pregnant. The skin is the body’s biggest  organ. With that being said, it makes sense that by submerging your body in a magnesium bath will not only will relax you, but it will relax your muscles.

Pregnancy Pillow

The larger your bump becomes, the more uncomfortable positions that you  normally slept in will become too. Sorry belly sleepers. This is where a pregnancy pillow comes  into play. This pillow is about the length of an average body and can ease the physical discomfort by alleviating the extra weight. 

Night Sweats

There is nothing more aggravating than being woken up to complete sweat  surrounding you in bed. Wear the right pajamas. Loose cotton pjs can really help, along with  keeping the a/c at a cooler temperature or having a personal fan. Also, if you are sweating more during the night do not forget to hydrate during the day to maintain a healthy hydration level.  


Your diet can really influence your nights rest when pregnant. Try to avoid any highly processed or sugary foods before bedtime. Instead try drinking one of Pink Stork’s Hot Teas, like Calm Tea with a lemon wedge. Try to do this at least one hour before bed and then eliminate any more liquid intake to try to prevent at least one bathroom trip for yourself during the night.  

Melatonin Gummies


The body actually produces melatonin in the placenta during pregnancy and the  benefits of an adequate amount of melatonin can really impact sleep, along with pre-eclampsia and pre-term births. Our Melatonin Gummies are made with Vitamin B6 that will help you  fall asleep naturally and wake up non-groggy.  

Establish a good bedtime routine

Having a solid bedtime routine really will impact the quality of  your sleep. Whether it be reading a book, journaling, or just watching your favorite TV show for a bit, find what works for you and make it your routine.


Stress does not discriminate from pregnant woman. At all. There are a million thoughts  of fear and doubt running through every pregnant woman at any given time that can totally  affect sleep. Be upfront with your partner about this. Just the act of saying these anxious  thoughts out loud, and then putting them to bed, can literally make you go to bed. Or if that is  not an option, try writing it all on a piece of paper just to empty your mind so you can relax and move forward.  

Not all solutions are going to work for you, since we all are different. But at Pink Stork we are believing that with some of these tips and tricks there is going to be rest for you in the future.

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