At Pink Stork, we love our customers! And we love hearing about their personal experience with Pink Stork. I am excited to share Samantha Lanier's story with you. I hope you enjoy!

Samantha Lanier : wife / mama / blogger

Sam is a new-mama from the West Coast of Florida, where she was born and raised. In 2015, Sam married her middle-school sweetheart after 6 years of embracing a long distance relationship during college. They returned to the West Coast of Florida where they welcomed their first daughter, Callie Mae, into the world in April of this year. Besides being a wife & a mama, Sam manages a blog where she shares the details of her life; life as a woman, a wife, and a mama. 

How did you discover Pink Stork? 
I was searching Instagram for ‘lactation products’ because my milk supply had decreased due to various situations. I came across Pink Stork and honestly the cute packaging caught my eye. As I continued to research the brand, I discovered great products I wished I had known about while I was pregnant, and other products I was interested in trying as a postpartum mommy.
What was your life like prior to Pink Stork and how has your life changed since using the products? 
Callie was born jaundice and required formula supplementation in the hospital. Then, when she was 2 weeks old, I was placed on a medication that was not safe to breastfeed on, and had to formula-feed her for 48 hours.  Between both situations, my milk supply was really thrown off and the decrease in production was stressing me out.  I began using Pink Stork’s Liquid Gold Tea and I became hooked! I steep a nice cup  of tea whenever I notice a decrease in my milk supply, on nights where I know I should have drank more water that day, or sometimes just to relax during my few minutes of "me time.”
What is your favorite product and why? 
Other than the Liquid Gold Tea , I’ve enjoyed using the Aromatherapy Necklace and the Bath Flakes to help de-stress whenever motherhood gets a bit too daunting.
In the future, what products would you like to see from Pink Stork? 
Products I would like to see and would love to promote are a “Mommy Time” Relaxation Line (for example: teas, lotions, pillow spray) or things for moms like energy bars, protein powders & shakes, etc.
We want to thank Samantha for sharing her story with Pink Stork and for her honest review of the products. Again, you can connect with Sam on her blog livelaughlanier



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