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Hydration-Boosting Greek Salad

Hydration is critical to maintaining your shine! This healthy (and easy!) Greek salad will keep you hydrated and glowing this summer.

What you’ll need:

Tomato - one -  Packed with Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, and Folate, tomatoes contain essential vitamins for healthy skin.

Cucumber - one half - Cucumbers support hydration and contain antioxidants, plus they may support weight loss.

Feta Cheese - ⅓ cup - Feta contains B12 and Niacin, which support your body’s natural energy levels.

Kalamata Olives - ⅓ cup - Kalamata Olives contain the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E.

Dried Oregano - ½ tsp - Packed with antioxidants, Oregano may also reduce inflammation.

Olive Oil - ½ tbsp - Olive Oil contains a healthy fat called Oleic Acid that helps reduce inflammation.

White Wine Vinegar - 1 tsp - White Wine Vinegar helps regulate appetite and blood sugar.

How to make:

Chop tomato and cucumber into bite-sized pieces. Add ingredients to a bowl and mix together. Before you enjoy, snap a picture and share your creation on social media. Tag us @pinkstork and #pspantry to be featured on our channels!