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De-Stress Smoothie

Not gonna lie: stress is just kind of part of life right now. But this stress-relieving energy smoothie could be your easy-peasy, secret weapon. With pineapple, spinach, banana, greek yogurt, and our Total Magnesium Supplement, it’ll help you feel energized -- without feeling anxious!

What you’ll need:

Ice - as needed - Keeps your smoothie chill, like you’ll be feeling after you drink it! If you’d like added nutrients and a thicker consistency, you could also substitute for frozen fruit.

Chopped Pineapple - one cup - Delicious and vibrant, pineapple has key nutrients, like Vitamin C, for a healthy immune system, and Manganese, for a healthy metabolism.

Bananas - one - Sweet and vitamin-rich, bananas are good for your heart, digestive health, blood pressure, and energy levels.

Spinach - two cups - These leafy greens will help you feel full, stay hydrated, and keep energized!

Almond Milk - ½ cup - High in Vitamin E, almonds help fight stress in your body.

Greek Yogurt - ⅔ cup - This rich yogurt is full of protein to help you keep up your energy.

Chia Seeds - as desired - Packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are small but mighty.

Pink Stork Total Magnesium Supplement - 1 or 2 capsules - Formulated with Magnesium and Vitamin D, our Total Magnesium Supplement supports natural stress relief, sleep quality, a mood levels. 

How to make:

In a blender, add ingredients. Blend to desired consistency. Before you enjoy, snap a picture and share your creation on social media. Tag us @pinkstork and #pspantry to be featured on our channels!