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The Road to Target

Going on our road trip this past summer and being able to see all of the different moms and families was such an amazing experience. Working with Target, in general, is so fun and the community that Target creates is nothing like any other store. So when it came time to hit the road we were ready to see how much we could integrate our community with the one Target had already created. Needless to say, it was a hit and we are grateful for all the Moms that Target has brought to us!

I know my favorite memory was going through Target and getting to talk with all of the employees. They were so friendly and just as excited as we were to find all of our products in the stores. Every staff member we ran into was so supportive and helpful. One of the best people we met on this trip was Miss Barbara, she was the sweetest little lady who really just wanted to know what Pink Stork was. She was so welcoming and even went as far as to take photos with every child! She really made every one of them feel important. Miss Barbara even ended up giving some Pink Stork to her granddaughter!

You can take a store like Target and of course, see the bigger picture. It was so nice to realize though that it’s not just the company, it’s the people working in the stores and the community that is formed because of it.