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We want Insiders to share the Pink Stork Mission to inspire and empower women. As an Insider, you’ll express yourself and share your unique story in creative ways that encourage other women to do the same. Insiders are bold and leave a positive impact on everyone they touch.


Insiders are an extension of our brand, and we want them to be passionate about Pink Stork and our mission to inspire and empower women in all stages of life. As an Insider, you’ll help educate and introduce friends and family to PS; they should come away feeling as excited about PS as you are!


Insiders are important connectors. You’ll connect with other women to build long-term authentic relationships, and serve as a leader within your community to support and bring people together. We believe every connection can spark something amazing and create a sense of belonging. We are not meant to go through life alone. Insiders lead with hope and kindness.

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Pink Stork brand ambassador Jana Maynard smiling in a blue top and a grey floral patterned cardigan in her home

Jana Maynard

I’m Jana, a Florida native, and a military spouse who fully believes in kindness and spreading love to people in all walks of life. Trying to conceive was very difficult with both of my children, but thanks to Pink Stork, we are expecting our second child in March and I can’t thank God enough for bringing this company and these products into my life.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Jaslyn Cespedes smiling while sitting on steps in her home wearing a black top and ripped denim jeans

Jaslyn Cespedes

My name is Jaslyn, and I am located in Miami, FL. Married to the love of my life and a mommy of 2 beautiful girls, Jaylin (6 years old) & Jolene (1 year old). I wish to continue spreading Pink Storks' message, and hope to empower and support other woman the same way Pink Stork has done for me!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Tyra Mckone smiling in white shirt with a peach cardigan on in  a field of flowers

Tyra McKone

My name is Tyra, and I am a mama to a precious, 5-year-old girl, and currently expecting another next summer! I am in my last year of graduate school to become a counselor. I love this role so much, but my favorite role is being a wife and mother. I'm so happy to be here with you!

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